Join Grasple and help us transform education

We are Grasple, an online practice and assessment platform for math and statistics. We help educators find, edit, and create high-quality interactive exercises for their students. 

It's our mission to make education more open and accessible to all educators and students around the globe. To make this happen, we're looking for new talent. Ambitious team players, inquisitive minds and education enthousiasts. 

Why work at Grasple?

Being a part of our team means you make a social impact on education worldwide. At the same time, we give you lots of freedom, responsibility and possibilities to learn. Together with your co-workers you design, build and deploy a beautiful product used to transform education.

Besides that, we have an awesome office at the Marineterrein in Amsterdam, daily delicious lunch and we offer you a well-deserved relaxation allowance.  You'll also get your own Swapfiets to make your way through the city. 

What's in a name...

Did you know Grasple is a contraction of the words grapple and grasp? To grapple means you're struggling with something, and to grasp means you finally understand it, especially something difficult. And that's what we do here at Grasple. We help students better understand the concepts of mathematics and statistics!

Hello, talent!

Is the job you're looking for not listed here? Feel free to send an open application or message us at We're always on the hunt for new talent, so you're more than welcome to reach out! 

Our team

How would we describe our team? Well, we're definitely ambitious, inspired, and – often, but not always – good at math. Contributing to an overarching social mission is what motivates us. But we'd rather let our team tell you more. Here's what they say:

"At Grasple, I have the freedom to independently take on new challenges, to experiment, and to influence the roadmap and choices we make. Together with the team we improve open education a little bit every day!” 
Eric, Developer at Grasple

"I get to help educators make their Maths and Stats courses more stimulating and fun for students. And I use their experiences to help create a better platform. I love feeling like my work makes a difference for them, their students, and future users!"
Ellen, Project Manager at Grasple

Our mission

Grasple is a social enterprise. It's our mission to make difficult concepts understandable and accessible to everyone. Especially when it comes to mathematics and statistics. For this, we've built an online practice and assessment platform where educators can create interactive exercises that they can share with their students and the rest of the world. 

What makes us unique, is that we use openly accessible materials, shared under a creative common license. Grasple therefore has a very different business model than commercial publishers. We're free for individuals, and universities simply pay to receive useful functionalities and integrations.

Working with leading unversities

Currently, more than 40 universities and colleges around the world use Grasple in their education. In the near future, we hope to increase this number even more. 

Get to know us a bit better...
Here's a short introduction by some of our team members

Pim Bellinga
Co-founder and Board member

Pim is an enthusiastic thinker, teacher and entrepreneur with a passion for open education. He lives in Amsterdam, likes playing music (saxophone, singing), dancing (salsa) and swimming.

Eric Bouwers
Senior Developer

Eric is part of the software development team. On the job he enjoys bug hunting, developing new features, and in general improving things. Off the job he likes to climb and to have fun with his family.

Luca Morandi
Senior Developer

Luca is a self-taught full stack developer. As developer he likes to learn new things and happily dives into a new piece of code/language to master it. Off the job he likes (long)boarding in the sun and enjoying time with his family.

Pim Stuurman
Business Development Consultant

Pim works on Business Development and math content. In his spare time, he blows off steam doing kart races. He also enjoys hurting his brain playing chess and his knees playing basketball.

Ellen Hoefsloot
Project Manager

Ellen is the first point of contact for many in the Grasple community. In and outside of work she loves tinkering. She builds hot tubs, converts campervans and reupholsters furniture.

Sofie Bastiaansen
Customer Success Manager

Sofie is there to help you in case you encounter issues with our platform. She combines her job at Grasple with her studies in Business Administration and her passion for rugby. No wonder she loves tackling problems!

Thijs Gillebaart
Co-Founder and CTO

Thijs is one of Grasple's co-founders and always working on new developments for our software. He loves cycling, and watching videos on YouTube. Especially when they are about the theory of relativity. 

Eva Scheerder
Account Management

Eva works on account management & business development for our Grasple community in the Netherlands. Outside of work she enjoys improv theatre, boardgames. true crime documentaries and cross stitching projects. 

Boris Odinot
Head of Growth

As a freerunner, Boris enjoys using the world as his playground, as well as teaching others this amazing sport. For Grasple, he leads the growth team with a focus on international expansion: hello world!